Stylised Flower Generator

I wrote a small script as part of a final year project.

I made this to help generate some of the content needed for a game project I’m currently working on. I’m the only artist working on the game, and this little script produces random, stylised ‘flower’ models; ready for UVing, texturing, and use within the game engine (we’re using Unreal Engine 4). This cuts down a whole load of time I would have spent personally modelling each asset!


My Roles:


Software Used:

Maya, Python


Below: Results from using the tool.

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Below are some examples of assets I created for my final project using the help of my Flower Generator tool!


Above: A variation of assets created with the help of the generator tool.


Above: Assets with wire frame.


Here is a quick and not-extremely-exciting demo video of how to use the tool and what the script does so far:

Stylised Flower Generator – Demo Video from Cassandra Young on Vimeo.

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