Arcanum is a creepy art-deco video game that a team of five of us worked on in our second year at the NCCA.

Play as a diver who discovers a strange construction at the bottom of the Alaskan ocean; explore; and uncover the twisted ambition of some disturbing water-dwellers…



My Roles:

Preproduction, Character Modelling, Texturing

Software Used:

Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Maya, Mari

(Team Members: Vanessa Stankova, Robert Poncelet, Finn Connolly & Jonathan Flynn)


Below is more information on my contribution to the game.


Below is some pre-production artwork I completed for the game’s development. Click for more information!

Final Dybbuk:

Some screenshots of the final model and textures I created for the game.

Final dybbuk model with textures.


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