A blog of my latest project landmarks and updates!


Jan 2018

The Gingerbread Hut
Christmas 2017

Dec 2017

Handmade Tree Decorations!
3rd December 2017

I’ve been learning how to digital paint, and here are my very first attempts!

Nov 2017

The start of a new project! Exploring modelling and texturing techniques in 3DSmax.

Feb 2017

A small texturing project.

Nov 2016

We’ve created a new trailer for an improved version of the game!
Autumn 2016

Jul 2016

Harvest Red, Green or Blue paint from around the map; shoot it at your opponents to

A solo texturing project I worked on in my second year at Bournemouth University!

Mar 2016

A small tool I made using Python, to help generate some of the content for my

The start of another game project!

Feb 2016

Arcanum is a small, creepy, art-deco video game that a team of five of us worked